Evernote + iPad – a killer combo for the future of education?

Who could say only 4 years ago, when I graduated back in Serbia, that so many things would change in the field of education? If we step back, and look at the bigger picture we can see that the proliferation of smart phones and tablet devices brought us a entirely new way of creating and consuming information. Since the education is all about these two, it turned out that this change was pretty obvious.

Luckily Hult was one of the first to embrace this evolution. Each student gets an iPad at the beginning of a school year, and most of the work during the classes is done with a great help of this useful device. Apart from being environmentally responsible while saving lots of money used for printing, it is also an excellent way to interact with students through different polls and quizzes. As one of the first schools that did that, Apple recognized Hult as one of their standout schools.

iPad as a game changer

Each iPad comes with several applications that are used to help our learning process. Probably the most powerful one is iAnnotate, a bit pricey, but truly powerful app for collaborative reading. If you read a lot, and like to mark most important parts of your readings, my warmest recommendation goes to this one.

Since it is primarily a multimedia device that can take photos and record videos and voice, iPad can be really handy when it comes to recording particular parts of a lecture, or capturing everything that is written on a whiteboard. And this is a true game changer.  It is not just about reading anymore but about combining totally different chunks of information into one social and integrated learning experience.

Evernote as a sugar on top

What we lack in this equation is software that could help us organize all our resources into one place. The place where you can sort  all of your content based on the courses you attend or a type of information you provide. Ideally everything should be easily searchable and accessible from all devices – a tablet, a phone or a computer. Turns out this was not actually a big problem, we found Evernote.

Evernote is super useful and easy-to-use software that helps you remember everything. I started using it couple years ago, but it really bought me once when I realized that everything I did at home on my computer is now on my phone. I was aware about this feature all the time, but I could never realize how useful it was until I actually needed it. Instead of writing everything from scratch for my presentation, the fact that I already had some notes in my Evernote account helped me finish it on my way home. A massive timesaver. Especially if you are taking notes about your work all the time, but always on a different places. Now it is all integrated through Evernote.

My notes from Case Analysis course

School puts Evernote in a different context. As seen on the picture above, it is a powerful tool for saving your notes and whiteboard captures in different notebooks based on your courses. Each note can consist audio, video, links to other web pages and even be shared it with other Evernote users. Online collaboration at its best.

If you are among those who still haven’t tried it, feel free to give it a shot; there is a great chance you will like it. Here are some of ideas on how to leverage it properly, read them and increase your studying efficiency. Remember, the more efficient you are, the more party time is left 🙂 See you on a dance floor!