First impressions from San Francisco

After six months of preparation for my Master studies at Hult International Business School, I am finally in San Francisco – the epicenter of global tech industry. On the just one hour train ride from the place I am currently writing this article can be found some of the most talked-about companies of today – Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many more. And now, seven days later, I can surely say, that this is not the only thing this city has to offer. 

San Francisco is charming as it is rumored to be

Francis Ford Coppola's houseI have been to many airports in my life, but non of them bought me at the first sight as SFO. Piano music, pleasant people and smiles on every corner, represent in the best way what can we expect in the city. And when you get there it is even more amazing. San Francisco hides surprises behind every corner – from painters and jazz musicians to cable cars and numerous street restaurants that will make you think you are on romantic weekend in Paris. Quickly gets under your skin, and I believe I will never have enough of it.

This is the city of tech

Everybody speaks tech here. From cabs that promote Tech Crunch Disrupt to local burger spots where you can meet some of young billionaires. All those cool iPhone apps have never been more useful, be free to find some recommendations on Yelp, or to eat the best burgers in the city thanks to Foodspotting, or to get some discounts thanks to Foursquare specials. It all started here, and they are very happy to be a part of digital revolution.

Accommodation troubles

Not everything is perfect here. Since lots of tech companies are slowly moving from less populated Silicon Valley cities to San Fran, it is getting dense here. And, since peninsula is not going to get bigger, this means that rents have gone sky high in last couple months. If you want to find an apartment on a walking distance from the school, you should be ready to pay at least 2500 dollars/mo for 1 bedroom apartment. Keep in mind that most of the apartments in US come unfurnished, which is additional cost.

New Hult Campus is truly amazing

Last, but not the least is new Hult Campus. When you believe that nothing else can amaze you in this wonderful city, you get to the Sansome street and realize that this is going to be one awesome year. Space is completely renovated to fit the needs of 400 students that are going to visit it in next 11 months. It is both quiet space when you can work and study and creative playground, where you can change ideas with your colleagues. This may sound like a sales pitch, but the fact is that this is huge change in comparison with my previous school in Serbia, which is more professor than student oriented. No doubt that we will enjoy in this space.

Just the beginning

End of this week means that school is about to begin, and many more articles about studying at Hult will come to the world. On this mission, I am happy to have my roomies Filip (MIB student) and Miljana (MIM), who will join me in sharing experiences in following weeks. And I believe this is just the beginning, the best is yet to come.