Stop whining, and just freakin’ do it

I have been thinking over the last couple of days about the complaints I have heard on getting a job after our graduation. People are somehow feeling desperate believing that, when the day of their graduation comes, they will stay on the streets without a job and an idea what to do. Seems that nothing has changed even though I traveled more than 10.000 kilometers in a search for something else.

Generally the first thing that comes to my mind, when we speak about a job search, is one saying from my friend – I was never looking for a job, it was always looking for me. Kinda surreal but in fact the only thing he did, instead of whining all the time, was  looking for his way through. In Serbia we have a term – job waiters – for those who finish their school and wait till their dream job falls from the sky. Guess how many times that actually happened?

You already have it all!

The first excuse I always hear is – I am not good enough; everybody expects me to be next Mark Zuckerberg. It is true that expectations have been raised but – don’t be silly. Everybody needs to start somewhere and even though you don’t have any experience you can try with an internship. Since most of us don’t have a local track record, this could be a true game changer. It will help you get some industry experience, and will be a proof that you are able to fit any team and most importantly to deliver.

And believe me – you have it all. I’ve been working in different industries for the last 10 years and everybody needs normal people to work with. Experience is there to be pursued but being a normal person is not something that you can pick up along the way.

Reactive vs. Proactive

If you look at the sky, maybe rain will fall and, if you are not living in California, you may be lucky enough to experience some snow as well. Unfortunately none of them spell as J.O.B.

This world has more than 7 billion people and now all of them compete for the very same positions as you do. Internet democratized the way we are finding the gigs, and getting under a spotlight has never been so tough. If you want it, you need to get the word about you out there. Update your LinkedIn profile, blog, tweet and join the conversations about your interests. Quora, for example, is an amazing resource for almost any industry, go there and show them what you have got. And get out of that room for god’s sake. San Francisco is full of meetups on a daily basis, check some of the advices I already wrote and share that awesomeness with the rest of the world.

Challenge your comfort zone

Guys, I know it is not easy. I, myself, feel sometimes really bad because I left my home and came all the way here to chase my dreams. You don’t have friends. Your experience is worth nothing. Everything is way too expensive and you’re the best friend with that “impossible” word. The hardest thing is that you have no idea if this is going to end. But it will. You are not the first nor probably the last who experienced that. In the professional sports there is a term a Rookie wall that describes the athletes who just came to a professional league, and their struggle to accomodate. But once they hit it, they are able to own the game. There is no difference with you. I know you can do it, just get out of that room. Forget about whining, forget about sleeping. There is no much fun in that. And most certainly they won’t get you a job. Breaking the status quo will. Do it. Just freakin’ do it! And don’t forget to buy me a beer afterwards.





Realized on my own example how dangerous and delusional the comfort zone can be...

And yeah, you can always count on a beer.